Where To Stay In Lisbon

Where To Stay In Lisbon? The 7 Best Areas for A Good Time

by Ryan

Trying to figure out where to stay in Lisbon? Finding the best place to stay in Lisbon is certainly hard but well worth it! Expanding past the banks of the Tagus river near the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal’s capital and largest city sits upon seven hills forming a captivating destination of colorful neighborhoods, and reverberating classic fado songs.

Where To Stay In Lisbon
Where To Stay In Lisbon

Without a doubt, Lisbon attracts a distinct selection of old and young holiday-makers; it can be a wonderful cultural trip, a wild nightlife celebration, a pleasant vacation for your family, a comfortable city-break or even as a base for a beach holiday.

The very best thing to experience in Lisbon is taking one of the classic trams tram 28 which is made of historic quarters, gardens and also destinations.

1. Baixa

Where To Stay In Lisbon
Where To Stay In Lisbon

The Baixa location is the mall of Lisbon. In the Baixa and Chiado areas, you will certainly find lots of restaurants as well as cafes, as well as you will certainly get to experience the old Lisbon.

If you choose one of these areas in Lisbon, you will have the ability to go to the major parts of the city with little walking. When you need it, you can make use of the elevators that will get you to Bairro Alto. The neoclassical area of Baixa has become a hub of offices, but as of late has come to be extra touristy in 2014 with many dining establishments and cafés. Chiado is extra lively, with its several shops, bookshops, theatres that constantly maintain the streets active!

Pros of Baixa/Chiado

  • You’d be right in the centre.
  • You can get around quickly using public transport.
  • Many of the city’s major sights are within walking range.
  • The ferryboat stop, where boats leave for the opposite of the Tagus River (to the Christ the King statuary), in addition to buses and cable cars heading to Belém, is essentially right in front of your door.


  • Resort costs are a little bit higher
  • Both areas are one of the most touristy parts of Lisbon (specifically Baixa).

2. Bairro Alto

Where To Stay In Lisbon
Where To Stay In Lisbon

If you’re going out, drinking cocktails, and dynamic nighttime roads appeal to you, then you’ll feel right at home in Bairro Alto. If you like staying out late in the city’s nightlife area, yet enjoy some peace and quiet you can return to your home and search for a quieter location within this district.

Pros Of Bairro Alto

  • You would be right in the centre of the city’s nightlife.
  • You can navigate conveniently via public transport.
  • Most of the city’s amazingt views are within strolling distance.

Cons of Staying In Bairro Alto.

  • It gets loud here, especially at night.

4. Alfama

Certainly, the city’s historic centre is a great starting point to explore Lisbon. You must be aware that the area’s high, inclined streets, as well as, can be physically taxing.

Pros of Alfama

  • You’d be right in the historical centre of the city.
  • There are lots of lookout points that provide a bird’s-eye view of the entire city.
  • A lot of the city’s cool views are within walking range.

Cons Of Staying In Alfama

  • Alfama includes high alleys and streets, so you need to be read to walk. There arent as many choices to stay in as other larger parts of the city.
  • The area isn’t that well linked to the metro.

5. Rato/ Príncipe Real

Where To Stay In Lisbon
Where To Stay In Lisbon

If you would love to stay a little out of the tourism hub, but not be too far from one of the most essential attractions, the Praça do Príncipe Real is the best choice for you.

Pros of the Praça do Príncipe Real

  • Most of the city’s major views are still within a brisk walk.
  • You would be staying in a less touristy part of Lisbon.
  • You get somewhat much better bang for your buck than in other parts of town.
  • There are a lot of places that give you a bird’s-eye view of the whole city.

Cons of Staying In the Praça do Príncipe Real

  • Your choice of hotels isn’t that great.
  • To get to the centre of the city you need 10-15 minutes.

6. Cais Do Sodré

Where To Stay In Lisbon
Where To Stay In Lisbon

From the Cais do Sodré, you’ll be able to reach the opposite of the Tejo river. The Cais do Sodré location is a terrific idea if you like the concept of being well situated, with lots of public transports around as well as a train network that will let you go to other parts of the city easily.

Cais do Sodré are both well known as the nightlife hubs of Lisbon. Their streets are lined with eateries, pubs, rooftop bars, jazz galleries, clubs and theatres. The ambience here is enjoyable, cultured and warm.


  • Lots to do in the evening.
  • Very inexpensive lodging.


  • Gets pretty loud at night. It is not a comfortable location for the kids and the elderly.

7. Parque das Nações

Parque das Nações is an ultra-modern area, built to accommodate the World Fair Expo back in ’98. It crosses a five-kilometre strip along the waterside offering attractive sights of the sea.

You can appreciate everyday walks along the very popular boardwalk, which is excellent for pleasant strolls, time with your family or just a fun day out. There are plenty of dining options, cafes as well as one of the most best aquariums.


  • Different entertainment options.
  • Family friendly things to do and see.
  • Seaside views


  • Farther from the centre.

Final thought.

Overall, Lisbon is a beautiful city to explore! Cais Do sodré and Bairro Alto is the best place to stay in Lisbon if you want to experience the nightlife and don’t expect to sleep though! If you want a peaceful, relaxing holiday after a hectic week at work, Principe real, Alfama, esteras is the best place!

If you are a business traveller, Parque das Nações is the ultra-modern side of Lisbon with many businesses focused hotels. 

If you are new to Lisbon, the most recommended place to stay in Lisbon is Baixa district that is designed for tourism with a vast variety of restaurants, bars and shops with main attractions. 

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