The Best Time To Visit Paris

The Best Time To Visit Paris

by Ryan

No doubt, one of the most extraordinary cities in the world, PARIS has much to offer when it comes to life changing experiences and sights. BUT its important to keep in mind the best time to visit Paris, to truly enjoy your time there!

 The Best Time To Visit Paris
The Best Time To Visit Paris

Its all up to you, your favorite temperature, your budget or whether you want stay clear of crowds, your means of transport, your destinations choices, how long your trip is, and etc.

We are here to tell what are the pros and of visiting Paris throughout every season! Whether you are on a company journey, honeymoon, friends journey, family or solo trip for a relaxing holiday, let me tell you, this lovely city of lights has every little thing for everyone!

Paris in Spring (March-May)

 The Best Time To Visit Paris
The Best Time To Visit Paris

Temperature level: Avg. of 19°C give or take 4°C.

Weather: Paris throughout the springtime season is a strange time. The weather changes drastically all through out the day and while it is relatively cozy during the day, it gets cooler as the evening progresses. 

As we move towards May, it starts to get warmer. Rainfall is also pretty consistent. The Days are nice and long, and you get to spend more time outdoors. This is certainly one of the better times to visit Paris.

The sunlight is bright and also cozy, the days are long and also you can take pleasure in walking about the Parisian streets appreciating the city like the locals.


  • Hotels and also plane tickets will still be reasonably low in very early March, but they will rise as summer season kicks in and springtime ends.


  • When the city is the most crowded during the tourist season, costs are greater, and you might not be able to enjoy the city with your budget.
  • If you are travelling with children, you have to remember that college students would be having their vacations and Paris is a very popular spot during that time.

Paris in Summer (June – August).

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The Best Time To Visit Paris

Temperature: Avg. of anywhere between 13°C to 24°C.

Climate: Comfortably cozy and welcoming, that’s exactly how one describe Paris in the summer. The days are long and sunny so you can take your time exploring the city. There is an air of celebration and joy considering that examinations are done and everyone and their families are out on the streets. 

However, there can always be random showers so keep in mind to carry a folding umbrella with you at all times. Light cotton clothing, hats, sun block, sunglasses and also a container of water are a few other things you should probably bring.


  • The sun is out until 11 pm, the weather condition is warm-to-hot, and there are plenty of things you can do outdoors.


  • Considering this is the popular time for people to visit Paris, expect to pay extra for your airplane ticket and hotel. Book as early as possible to get the best rates and selection. To get reduced rates, go during August if you dont mind some of the attractions being closed.

Paris in Autumn (September to November)

Temperature level: Anywhere from an Avg. of 5°C to 21°C.

Weather: You can say good bye to summer as autumn starts to peak. The warm temperatures are disappearing and so are the crowds. Weather conditions in the fall season of Paris are still decent for taking in the sights; but, the days get much shorter. It still rains and as you get closer to October, the temperature level will start to dip suddenly.

Paris in fall is an attractive city and also you can get some incredible pictures of famous monoliths with the autumn colors of trees in the backdrop. If you do plan to visit during this minute, make sure to dress warmly and bring a lot of clothes!

  • The crowds are starting up to vanish and also you can have much of the city to yourself. The weather is getting cold but its not quite too cold to adventure!


  • Despite the fact that this is not peak vacationer season, lodging prices are still a little expensive. You would need to search carefully to find cheap accommodations!

Paris in Winter (December to February).

The Best Time To Visit Paris
The Best Time To Visit Paris

Temperature: Avg. of -2°C to 8°C.

Weather: If you adore the city’s festive decorations, the January markets, the gorgeous winterscapes, the blooming flower blossoms in February, winter is the best time to visit Paris.

The sun is vacating for its annual hibernation and the dusks and days are equally long. When enveloped with a thin sheet of snow, Paris in the winter season does not lose its allure. It still looks extraordinary! Keep in mind though, the days are really short, with the sun setting by 5 pm daily.


  • Snow does periodically coat the city – an awesome time to celebrate, because it looks pleasant and then quickly melts.
  • Reward for your patience and resilience to the cold, you not have to wait in line or deal with big crowds of other tourists.
  • You’ll also be presented with the year’s lowest airfare and hotel rates of the year!

Final Thought

If you want to escape the cold, and only be bothered with a couple layers, the best time to visit Paris is in spring (April-May), and (September-October). Prices for accommodation and activities also tend to be lower these times of the year.

Summer is the most celebrated (and most expensive) season when the weather is dry and warm. Be willing to get along with the crowds and wait times for major attractions will be longer. If you are touring in the summer, be sure to book your itinerary in advance!

Winter can be cold and dark, but while the weather may not be perfect, Paris is particularly lovely during the winter. It is one of our preferred times to explore Paris, since the crowds are fewer, yet everything is still teeming with life!

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